Mommy and Me Classesfor toddlers 2-4

mommy and me class at super kicks leesburgLeesburg Super Kicks Karate has classes for your toddler!

Want your toddler to gain strength, flexibility and coordination? Our unique program for 2, 3 and 4 year olds at Super Kicks in Leesburg gives you the opportunity to join your toddler in a fun and engaging new way.

Most martial arts programs are for children over 5, but not at Super Kicks Leesburg! Give your child new confidence and training that prepares them for regular family classes.

What should I expect in the mommy and me class?

  • interaction with your child

    During a mommy and me class, our parents get the opportunity to be on the practice floor with their child. Typically, we will practice holding target pads, do some strength and training exercises like wheelbarrows and situps, all while providing the best encouragement they can get – from you! Our parents absolutely love watching their child learn, gain strength and develop basic skills, all while having fun!

  • practice makes... fun!

    The key to teaching toddlers martial arts is in disguising repetition and movement, and making them fun! Whether they are simply making circles with their arms, or banging on target pads while making a fist, the students are learning real martial arts moves while having a blast. As they learn and become comfortable with their bodies, making the transition into other sports or family martial arts classes becomes easy. You will watch your child soar into a real student!

  • Integration of "Stranger Danger"

    At Super Kicks Leesburg we are proud to integrate a special “stranger danger” curriculum that is special for 2, 3 and 4 year olds. During each mommy and me class, we teach your child the importance of not talking to strangers, staying close to their parents, and what to do if someone they don’t know grabs them. We ensure they can verbalize who a stranger is and what to do, without making it a scary topic.

Toddler Classes are Every Saturday at 9am!

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