Leesburg, VA martial arts for kids

kids who join our martial arts program become ready to take on life’s trials.

Parents absolutely love the results they see in their kids from this successful program.

Every parent wants to instill powerful life lessons in their children. At Super Kicks Karate in Leesburg we see character building and self-development in children as young as 5. (Find out how children even younger can benefit from our classes).

What You can Expect from Your Child:

Evan’s Energy

Evan is full of life and energy. He is caring and kind, and enjoys high energy activities like sports, games and the outdoors. While he always has good intentions, he used to get easily carried away. His mom brought him to Super Kicks and told our instructors, “When you want him to walk with you quietly at the grocery store, he ends up running down the isles and accidentally bumping into people. Its very embarrassing. He has a hard time settling down even at bedtime.”

After starting the family classes at Super Kicks, Evan has had a meaningful outlet for his energy that carries over into all other areas of his life. His self-control and kindness are starting to shine through above his other habits.

This is what Evan’s mom has to say about him after being in the program: “I am shocked at the positive changes I have seen in my son. Instead of playing rough Evan wants to practice the moves he learned in class. The other day we went to the dentist and instead of apologizing to the Dr., the office staff actually complimented him on being polite! I don’t know what I would have done without your school…”

Shy Ellie

Ellie is a sweet and obedient girl who does well in her schoolwork, but she has trouble with speaking up in class because she is so shy. The bigger problem is that she has trouble making friends, and usually just plays by herself. When her mom and dad came to Super Kicks they explained to Master Alley that they try to encourage Ellie to invite some friends over or join a club at school, but she seems to afraid to try.

After few weeks in our martial arts program you can barely believe that Ellie was once self-conscience and unsure of herself. Through some martial arts techniques she learned, she is feeling good about herself. Each week when we see Ellie in class she comes in with a big smile on her face and is open to trying new things. She even scheduled her birthday party here at Super Kicks and invited some new friends at school!


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Martial Arts Values that last a lifetime

Focus & Organization

Some children have a hard time seeing tasks to completion. It can be even harder for kids with attention disabilities such as Attention Deficit Disorder (ADD) or ADHD.

Organized Classes

Our martial arts classes are highly organized and participants are instructed one move at a time. Kids have the opportunity to quickly learn focus - and that transfers to all areas of their lives.

No More Quitting

Parents want to see their children succeed. Not just in martial arts, but in life. Our classes instill values in your children so they can make their own choices, even when you aren't there to encourage them.

Desire to Succeed

Your kids have an internal drive to improve. At Super Kicks we encourage all class participants to try their best and succeed, which gives them self-discipline with every move.

Self Esteem

Children with low self-esteem have a harder time making friends, lack self-discipline and drive to succeed. Low self esteem can have a life-long impact on them.

Confidence & Drive

At Super Kicks our instructors empower the kids. As they learn to defend themselves and improve their abilities in class, they also learn to feel good about themselves in all other areas of life.

No More Boredom

Beyond focus, organization, the desire to succeed, and amazing self confidence, our martial arts classes have something else to brag about...

Super Kicks is fun!

Martial Arts for Fun

Your child may not know they are learning great character traits that last a lifetime; but they will be excited to come to class, hang out with friends, learn some more cool moves and just have some fun.

“Aria has been in class for a few weeks and already she is a changed kid…”
“My daughter said that she isn’t afraid of the bullies at school anymore. Beyond relieved…”
“We are not having to fight with our son over every chore! Brad is actually helping without asking!!”
“Emily asks at least twice a day… “Are we going to class today? Are we going to class?”

Families Who Kick Together stick together

A lot of parents think that our karate classes are for kids only, without realizing that at Super Kicks Leesburg we teach family classes with the same curriculum for both children and adults.

Whether you are 10, 40 or 60 years old… our family martial arts classes are a great way for you and your children to learn together in a safe environment. Our instructors are encouraging and care about your progress.

You will line up by height, so you will always be able to see your children and they can see you. You will train, work hard, and learn on your own while your family practices, too.