Karate at Super Kicks birthday parties!

karate birthday partyAn unforgettable karate birthday party will be the talk of your child’s class!

Treat your child and their friends to a birthday party that they will talk about for weeks!

”THANK YOU Super Kicks for a fabulous birthday party! I got to sit back and enjoy it just as much as the kids, instead of running around missing the whole thing.”
Leesburg Super Kicks birthday parties create memories for your entire family that you will never forget. The kids will enjoy tons of fun activities, games and a real martial arts lesson – everyone who goes will have a great time!

What’s Included in a Karate Birthday Party?

  • Up to 15 Guests

    Fun and excitement for your birthday boy or girl PLUS 15 guests! Includes games, activities and of course a martial arts lesson!

  • Professional Supervision

    Our amazing staff with instruct and supervise your birthday star and their friends!

  • No Cleanup!

    That’s right, you heard us! We will do all the cleanup so you can enjoy your child’s special day.

  • Special Treatment for the Birthday Star

    Your child will get the opportunity to lead their friends in martial arts! Karate parties at Super Kicks let kids have a great time without getting out of hand, plus… memories that last a lifetime!

    *Cake and drinks are left for you to pick out and bring. You will also have the chance to have some fun yourself! Or, just kick back and enjoy your child having an amazing time – the choice is yours!

Let your child be a birthday star!

“My son is a current student at Super Kicks Karate. Of course he was thrilled at the prospect of celebrating his birthday at his karate school. I have 3 children and we have been to and thrown countless birthday parties through the years. This was by far one of the best birthday party experiences that we have ever had. The staff kept all 15 children actively engaged for the entire party! They all had a wonderful time. Many of them now want to take classes themselves. What a great day for our 6 year old!!! Thanks Master Alley and Super Kicks!” – Dena Collins

Showing off their skills to their friends

Your child gets to help teach the class!  Showing off some of their basic karate moves, alongside the instructor, of course…

If they are ready to “break a board” they they will get to do that in front of their friends (a real jaw dropper!), boosting self-confidence

Their friends will be in awe of their accomplishments, and will be talking about the karate birthday party for weeks afterwards.

“Fantastic school with a great atmosphere for all ages! The staff is extremely talented and dedicated to martial arts. Weather you have a child that wants to learn martial arts or you would like to learn yourself, this is the best school I have found.” – Demetrius Alexander
”Lauren felt on top of the world for days after the party. Thank you so much”
”My daughter was grinning from ear to ear for ages after the party”
”Amanda really enjoyed being able to lead the class, and teach her friends some of the basic moves. It has to be the best birthday party she has ever had.”

Super Kicks Birthday Parties are Awesome!And “Super” Affordable

Leesburg Super Kicks tries to keep parties affordable for families. Compared to Curiosity Zone or the Animal Park, you can see just how affordable we are – and that is up to 15 guests! Karate Birthday Parties come with qualified and trustworthy staff supervision – so the parents an relax and enjoy the party – or join in the fun! It really is the best of both worlds.

Book a Karate Party Today

Super Kicks Birthdays are “super” popular, so please try to plan in advance if you can! Get your reservation started today right here at Leesburg Super Kicks.

Schedule your child’s birthday party today. Warning – You and your child will enjoy the party so much, you will want to come back next year!

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