200+ Activities for Leesburg families

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The Leesburg and Loundoun County community has a lot to offer locals who are looking for family activities, like King Pinz, EXIT Plan escape rooms, Cobb Theaters, Hogback Mountain Paintball, Pump it Up and Glow Golf… just to name a few. Along the Potomac River, the Leesburg and Loudoun County areas are unique to Virginia. Leesburg is a family-oriented area …

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Listen To The Sound Of Your Uniform – Part 2

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Listen To The Sound Of Your Uniform, Part 2 Hello everyone! Master Alley wanted to share part 2 of this training tip: Listening to the sound of your uniform! Here’s what he had to share… “What’s up everybody, Master Alley here. When you’re throwing a punch, a kick, your Gi, your uniform should tell you if you are doing it correctly. …

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Videotape Your Moves For Improvement

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Hey everyone! A quick new training tip for you… Videotape your moves for improvement! That’s right-record yourself!! So, when you’re working your forms, or you’re working your kata, whatever you’re practicing, have somebody videotape what you’re doing or set up a camera to record.  I want you to go back and watch it and study it. You will see mistakes that …

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Train With Intensity In Your Face

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Why is it so important to train with intensity in your face? Hey, Master Alley here with a training tip! I want to give you a quick tip on how to improve your fighting skills by getting into character. Sure, we have fun while learning and practicing martial arts, but martial arts is not a silly sport. If you take Universal 1 for …

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Four Reasons for Families to Take Martial Arts Together

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Karate classes are a great way for children to learn self-defense and important values such as discipline, respect, and confidence. Adults can benefit from martial arts classes by losing weight and learning self-defense. Yet the biggest benefit for everyone is simple: take a class together! Super Kicks Karate has always allowed families to take the same classes, because we feel …

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Martial Arts: Fun for the Whole Family

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Looking for an activity that the whole family can enjoy can be difficult. Different ages and experience levels can lead to someone being left out or left behind. What’s fun for everyone and can be enjoyed by all? How about martial arts? Super Kicks Karate proudly offers martial arts classes that the entire family can enjoy together! A martial arts …

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Martial Arts Classes for Three Year Olds

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Many parents might ask themselves, “Can my three year old really learn martial arts?” At Super Kicks Karate, the answer is always yes. We offer family programs where everyone can learn together, and we also offer after school programs for young children. However, our class, “Little Leaders Martial Arts Class,” is geared for our youngest children. This class is more …

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Don’t Do Daycare: Karate After School Program

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After school programs in Ashburn and Leesburg are plentiful. With so many to choose from, how can you decide what will offer your child the most? Which program will offer the parent the most? And most importantly: which program will be there for me on my child’s day off from school? Super Kicks Karate provides families in both Leesburg and …