At the heart of martial arts is discipline; students are forced to make a mental choice that forces a physical action, requiring a specific result. That’s what discipline is – doing something you CHOOSE to do, even if its hard or challenging. Students in martial arts get into the habit of pushing themselves, structuring their behavior in a positive way. Discipline at Super Kicks turns into discipline at home and at school – speaking into all areas of their lives like school or work.
It is very rare that we have a student who gets hurt. Like in any sport, injuries can happen – but it is not likely here at Leesburg Super Kicks. We make sure that all students are warmed up and stretch before starting class, and at the end of each class we help the students to become stronger through calisthenics and strength training – followed by a cool down.
At Leesburg Super Kicks children can start training as young as 2! At most karate schools, children cannot begin until they are at least 5 – but we have developed a special program for 2-4 year olds to help them learn their basic movements and develop great early motor skills. The children also learn how to follow instructions, be in a classroom setting, and gain confidence that will follow them into their school years. You can learn more about the mommy and me toddler classes here.
YES! Both boys and girls take our classes, we have at least 50% girls at Leesburg Super Kicks!
Absolutely! In fact, this is a GREAT reason for your child to start our karate classes here at Leesburg Super Kicks. Group sports are wonderful, too, but its easier to get penalized because of the competitive atmosphere. Its also easy to get overlooked and “benched” if you aren’t good in a group sport.

At Super Kicks, learning martial arts and earning your black belt takes self-motivation and teaches self-responsibility without the pressure of being “as good as” some of the other kids on the team.

Your child will have the opportunity to grow at their own pace – learning to improve and be challenged on a personal level! Our instructors at Super Kicks are extremely patient and care about their students’ progress.

No! Just the opposite, our students develop an appreciation for just how serious violence is, and are able to learn to respect others – while also gaining the physical ability to be able to confidently defend themselves when needed.

In martial arts we are always respectful, kind, and courteous – and the students carry those badges around proudly.

Yes! Children 4 and up can be in class with their siblings, AND their parents! Children younger than 4 have a specially developed mommy and me class just for them.